Vanished Value: Respect - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

 People have to live together in order to exist. Naturally, people living together need to be careful and

moderate in order to survive this togetherness. Therefore respect which is one of the universal ethical principles

is an important issue for people. People’s behaving each other carefully and moderately is an important

indicator of caring about the others’ personal space. However, ignorance of this value in interpersonal

relationships, causes problems in people's personal spaces recently. Whereas, knowing the limit in the actions

and attitudes towards others in the life, may lead people to live a more desirable life. It is necessary to think

about the foundations of the idea “Treat others how you want to be treated” which should be the golden rule in

social life. For this, people who listen the voice of their conscience must be raised. People should know their

limits and respect the others as one of the necessities of living in common. Thus, in this study, respect, which is

a basic value of being a human, is discussed in the light of related literature with different dimensions with the

aim of creating awareness.

Yazar(lar): Erkan KIRAL