The Teachers’ V?ew About The Effects Of Onl?ne Learn?ng Commun?t?es On Profess?onal Development - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

 Thepurpose of thisstudy, is examiningth eeffects of theself-created online learning communities, to the

Professional development of theteachers who created them. For this purpose, 287 teachers who had been

working in Denizli province and who had mobility in online environmen twere reached by the usage of snowball

sampling method; semi – structured interview technique was applied and interview results were analyzed by

using descriptive analysis approach. Teachers benefited from most of theteaching methods and techniques

related to theirs pecificareas; and in general vocational sense, theaccuracy of the information disseminated in

the communities, was at the fore front of the difficulties faced by teachers; on th eother hand, the easy and rapid

Access to the information was the greatest facilitating effect of these communities. Research findings, it has

been found that online learning communities created by teachers in informal forms have been contributing

positively to the professiona ldevelopmentand it has been observedth atteachers benefit from these communities

on the point of developing their ow nknowledge, skills, experience and attitudes. This situation has been

observede specially in student-centered practices and in theteachin gmethods and techniques, which have been

rapidly changing.

Yazar(lar): Gürkan Sarıdaş, Levent DENİZ