The Metaphors Teacher Candidates Produced Concerning University Notion - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

 The main purpose of this study of teacher candidates’ 'university' perceptions related to the concept

they have is to reveal through metaphor. The study group, Sinop University, Faculty of Education continue to

total 137 teacher candidates constitute. Research data of prospective teacher candidates with in the scope of

research, "University .... Is like, because ..." completed his sentence was obtained. And inter pretation of data to

analyze the content analysis technique was used. According to the results of research related to the concept of

university teachers has produced 74 current metaphor. Grouped under five categories were generated

metaphors. "Freedom", "scienceslot", "vocationalschool", "diversity integration" and "production center”

(factory) to five categories collected in the production of metaphors, the school metaphor to a large extent

similar. "Freedom", "sciences lot" and "vocational school"

Yazar(lar): Zeynep UĞURLU