Student Feedback on the Process of History Lessons With Game and Competition Technique " Example of the Game ?n Me” - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

In this study, the researcher aims to present student views on the game and competition technique of history courses. The research was not a qualitative study to examine student opinions. In 2016-2017 academic year, the study group consisted of 72 students, 22 male and 50 female, who were educated in 10/A-B-C grades of Yozgat Akdağmademeni Kazım Karabekir Science High School. The researcher in the study taught in secondary school history text boks and instructional programs to use the 2016-2017 academic year examined, 10. Class history lesson 5. He developed the “longest century (1800-1922)” unit of the unit and the game he called “I have the answer” to cover the gains of the unit. After the application, semi-structured interview technique was used as a data gathering tool. In this research, which was designed in line with qualitative research approach, “content analysis” was made and resolved in the form of code and theme. The data obtained by interviewing technique were digitized and expressed as frequency and percentage. As a result, the students expressed that the course of history is more fun to work with the game and the competition technique, that the information is more permanent, that it help store inforce and repeat, and that the whole class is involved. In this case, they stated that the lessons attracted more attention and that their success would increase, that the irresponsibility and risk taking skills developed, that they were motivating, and that they were trying to make up for their mistakes and  learn the truth. However, the teacher should not be angry with the students during the application, and the student starts to listen to the lesson after a while, and the negative opinion that the participation in the lesson will be negatively affected. In-service training courses for game training should be arranged to be given to teachers. Courses for educational games should be put in the Faculty of Education.
Yazar(lar): Kamuran ÖZDEMİR