School Administrators’ Views on Regulations in Vocational and Technical Education - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

 There are many quests and changes about vocational and technical education in Turkey. So, the

purpose of the present research is to examine the regulations on vocational and technical education and school

administrators’ views on these regulations and expected regulations. The research was carried out using the

qualitative research method using case study design and the views of the vocational high school principals

working in different fields in Turkey in 2016-2017 academic year were taken. An open-ended questionnaire was

used to obtain the views of the participants. Content analysis was used in the analysis of collected data. At the

end of the study, it has emerged that the obligatory for vocational and technical education students to be

insured against occupational accidents and occupational diseases starting from 10th grade, the inclusion of

apprenticeship training within the scope of compulsory education. Participants also reported a positive opinion

on the abolition of the pass without examination. But it has become clear that other arrangements should be

made to increase the quality of vocational education and the attractiveness of vocational schools should be


Yazar(lar): Songül Karabatak, Dönüş Şengür