Instructional Leadership Roles of Education Inspectors According to Teachers' Perceptions - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

Instructional leadership roles of education inspectors have a great importance in increasing and improving the effectiveness of educational practices. This study is designed as a quantitative research in order to determine the level of fulfillment of instructional leadership roles of education inspectors according to the perceptions of primary and secondary school teachers, and it is in the descriptive survey model. The research was conducted with 197 primary and secondary school teachers selected by stratified sampling method. In the research, "leadership roles of primary school inspectors scale" was used as a data collection tool. Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques were used. In the result of the research, it was found that primary, secondary and elementary (primary and secondary school) school teachers' perceptions about instructional leadership role performance of education inspectors were low. According to the gender, professional seniority and number of inspections of teachers, the perception levels of teachers regarding the performance of instructional leadership roles of inspectors showed significant differences but they did not show any significant differences according to educational status and education level. According to the results of the research, various suggestions are presented.
Yazar(lar): Erkan KIRAL, Vedat AKSOY