Factors Affecting Time to Tenureship: A Case from Turkey - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

Academic labor market in Turkey shows some similarities and differences compared to especially Europe and the United States. Its competitiveness, promotion structures, and dual structures (public-private) are among the similarities. Differences are mainly in wage structure and job security. Until promoted to associate professorship, a title given by Higher Education Council, all academicians works on a contract base and can be relatively easily fired at the end of contract term. However once promoted to the associate professorship level, firing process is subject to very strict rules that provides job security for the rest of working life of academicians. For that reason, it deserves to determine the variables affecting the time to tenureship. In this study determinants of time to tenureship, which is defined a point at which a title of associate professorship is obtained, are analyzed by using hazard or survival time methods.While age at doctoral degree obtained and the level of language have impact on time to tenureshipvariables such as sex, field of specialization Phd from a foreign country have no effect on time.
Yazar(lar): Hasan ŞAHİN, Dr. Ümit KOÇ