?dris Küçükömer's Place in Turkish Political Thought Via Westernization and Civil Society Concepts - İngilizce Özet

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In this article, the place of Idris Küçükömer in Turkish political thought was examined through the concepts of Westernization and civil society. The concept of Westernization, which has an important place in Turkish political thought, has been discussed with the concept of civil society. It is possible to find this association in the thoughts of İdris Küçükömer. In addition to these two concepts; Idris Küçükömer explains through the Asiatic mode of production; Turkey not able to succeed on Westernization. İdris Küçükömer also discussed through the Asiatic mode of production; why the transformation in the Ottoman production and lifestyle has not have happened and why there has not been the class consciousness. The association between the civil society and Westernization which has been founded by İdris Küçükömer is reinforced by the idea of equal citizenship. In this study, the views of Idris Küçükömer on civil society, Westernization, Asian type of production and equal citizenship were compiled from his works and these concepts have been discussed one by one and together.
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