Autonomous Private Schools and Education New Role of State in Education in Different Political-Economic Developments - İngilizce Özet

Özet İçeriği

The biggest problem of the countries where education management is not able to be professionalized, a selection-assignment criteria where knowledge, skills and experience is combined is not considered as a professional profession. However, it is one of the notable educational results of globalization, to create learning organizations that manage and solve problems together in financial and supervisory issues, as well as to manage the school with those involved in the school community. As a result of the political effects of the liberal or neoliberal economies, there is an expansion in the visions and impact areas of the states, and a narrowing in their activities. This makes changes in education systems unavoidable. The purpose of this study is to discuss the positive and negative aspects of school autonomy in school financing, human and material resource management and management processes in education, from different perspectives such as new approaches and practices in education management, changing school society profiles, 21st century governance man understanding. Method of research; The aim of this course is to compare the descriptive analyzes, which started with the literature review, in different countries and to reach a synthesis by combining them with the results of scientific research.
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