Additional Responsibilities Have to Undertaken by School Administrators, Even if Not in The Legislation - İngilizce Özet

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School administrators have responsibilities defined by legal rules and which are needed when regularly carrying out management activities. Responsibility is generally defined as the obligation to perform a job in the desired quality and quantity. Besides, in some cases, school administrators’ responsibilities that determined by rules of law are not sufficient to solve the problems. In such cases, even if it is not legally defined for the school administrators, they have to undertake some additional responsibilities. Qualitative research has been used in this research, which aims to reveal the responsibilities that school administrators have to undertake, even if not in legislation. An open-ended question has been directed at public school administrators (primary, secondary, and secondary) to determine the additional responsibilities have to undertake, even if not in legislation. As a result of interviews with the working group of public school administrators in Ankara, opinions of 83 school administrators were obtained. School administrators have a number of responsibilities, even if which are not in the legislation, for financial, extra-curricular, student and extra-curricular tasks. School managers have to undertake responsibilities such as; "funding / raising funds" in terms of financial affairs; "to do the paint / repair works of the school building” in terms of human resources affairs; "having to deal with parental problems" in terms of student affairs.
Yazar(lar): Caner CERECİ